Electrical Equipment for Electricians - By Keljik & Chase
Electrical Equipment for Electricians - By Keljik & Chase
This first edition of a new book by Jeff Keljik and added colleague Jeff Chase, is an updated version of a very popular book Electric Motors and Controls by Jeff Keljik. This new book is in a different format to allow easy study and reference as the book lays flat on the table. It is still written in an easy to understand style for entry level electricians and for clear references for experienced electricians. It has enhanced coverage of VFDs and comparisons to other motor starting techniques. All the photos and diagrams have be updated and clarified for even better clarity for the reader.
The book has new material on special motors such as: Electronically commutated DC motors, Linear motors, and more information on installations based on the 2020 National Electrical Code®. It still contains the fundamental operations of AC and DC motors to help in the troubleshooting and repair of motor systems. The "how and why" of motor controls, both simple and complex, is explained and how it relates to installation requirements of the NEC®. AC and DC generation is explained to allow the electrician to understand the requirements and for troubleshooting.
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