Government Action

As a member of the Minnesota Electrical Association, you have a unique opportunity to ensure that the voice of electrical contractors is heard on legislative or regulatory issues that impact the electrical industry. You can participate in the following ways:

  • To reach your local congressperson or state senator and voice your opinion on these issues, go to the section Finding Your Legislators for contact information
  • If you plan to meet with your state legislator, use this helpful article to prepare yourself for the meeting
  • If you’d be willing to testify before the House and/or Senate on the issues that are important to you, email us or call us at 612-827-6117 or 800-829-6117
  • Our staff and lobbyists work hard to represent the majority viewpoint of our members from annual legislative survey results. You can help their efforts by supporting The Electrical Contractors Political Action Committee (TEC-PAC). Send your cash or personal check donation to: TEC-PAC, c/o Minnesota Electrical Association, 3100 Humboldt Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • Go to Government Action Results to see the changes made by the Legislature, Board of Electricity, OSHA, and other agencies in the Department of Labor that affect you