Government Action

As a member of the Minnesota Electrical Association, you have a unique opportunity to ensure that the voice of electrical contractors is heard on legislative or regulatory issues that impact the electrical industry. 

Your donation to the PAC as well as any grassroots efforts you participate in, helps bring our legislative issues to the forefront of legislators’ attention.  MEA is fortunate to have a strong lobbying force and excellent reputation on Capitol Hill.  If you decide to make a contribution to the MEA PAC, you will be part of the driving force making changes to help your business thrive!

This year’s initiatives include…

  • Prompt payment – requiring contracting authorities and generals to pay subcontractor after punchlist items are complete.

  • Duty to Defend – prohibiting general contractors from requiring the subcontractors to pay the general's attorney fees via contract when the general contractor is at fault.

  • Conservation Improvement Program – making certain energy efficiency rebates remain available statewide and also supporting the movement to strategic electrification.

  • Helmets to Hardhats – bringing veterans to the trades.  If you join MEA’s registered apprenticeship program you can tap into this talent pool.

As well as making certain initiatives such as Wage Theft and Paid Sick and Safe Leave and other proposed regulations don’t make your business harder to operate.

A donation of $50 or $100 helps bring attention to our Association and legislation that affects small business.  Please make the investment today!  I'll contribute!
Send your cash or personal check donation to: TEC-PAC, c/o Minnesota Electrical Association, 3100 Humboldt Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55408

  • To reach your local congressperson or state senator and voice your opinion on these issues, go to the section Finding Your Legislators for contact information
  • If you plan to meet with your state legislator, use this helpful article to prepare yourself for the meeting
  • If you’d be willing to testify before the House and/or Senate on the issues that are important to you, email us or call us at 612-827-6117 or 800-829-6117


To see the results of our efforts in previous years see Government Action Results!