Happy New Year!

Clara DeRosier
Executive Director 

And just like that, it is 2018! The hustle and bustle of the Holidays are over and we now look forward to vacations and spring break (only 3 months away!). I want to thank all of the amazing members of MEA who have supported me throughout my first year as Executive Director of MEA - It has been an amazing year on many levels.

I also want to recognize the staff who is working hard for you every day at the MEA Office. Without this team in place, the results that were produced in 2017 would not have happened. Each of their strengths are highlighted in the work that they do and I could not be happier with the people on this team.

Alex Hyatt, National Sales Representative – Has brought in record breaking sales this past year.
Jeff Keljik, Director of Education – Updated all Educational content to the 2017 National Electrical Code.
Michelle Dreier, Member Engagement and Government Affairs Manager (Mega Manager for short) – Works with our lobbying team to tackle all legislative initiatives and engages current and new members into MEA.
Rennell Brunclik, Publication & Communication Specialist – Graphic Design and Desktop publishing for all MEA publications.
Erin Murray, Program Manager (Mktg. and Events) – Marketing, Social Media and Event Planner.
Jamie Quenzer, Program Manager (Operations and Business Systems) – Manages the Apprenticeship Program, Educational Logistics and IT infrastructure.
Ben Dorner, Business Coordinator – Manages MEA’s financials and customer service department.
Twyla Dudley, Administrative and Customer Support – Assists in any area needed, building, customer support, education and conference logistics, etc. 

These 8 staffers along with our fabulous trainers keep this association strong. Initiatives move forward because of the dedication that these individuals have for the Electrical Industry and specifically MEA. Please thank them when you call the office and know that you can call us for any need that you have. We will help you out or find the right person/organization who can. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season – I truly enjoyed spending time with a handful of you all at our Winter Conference this past December (pictures to the right). I want to recognize Pete and Megan LaFleur from Norman’s Electric for attending their first MEA conference. We were so glad to have them. 

Please join us the third week of April during the NCEL show where we will be conducting all of the CE training along with MEA’s Annual Business Meeting.