If You Get It For Free…Why Join?

Jason Seanger
President, MEA Board of Directors

It is one publication that provides “just the facts” about new state and federal regulatory laws, safety, employee relations, industry trends, labor saving products.  Every few years we like to revisit this topic to remind readers of the value that MEA provides to the industry.  With the fast paced world today and all of the content that we are constantly being bombarded with, having a partner on my side to help straighten it all out gives me peace of mind.  The intent of the MEA Board and Membership when they developed the MEA NEWS was to be the resource that compiled all business related ‘must knows’ into one spot.    

MEA’s Directors also knew how important it was for as many contractors as possible to know about these changes so they could operate legally—in order to reduce the amount of government regulation--and made the decision to provide all contractors in Minnesota with a limited copy containing the basic information necessary to:
• Operate their businesses legally.
• Improve safety.
• Attend required training.

Some thought this was a waste of money.  Viking Electric was MEA’s first Product/Service Member and first advertiser because they realized providing this information was an important investment in the industry and in YOUR success as an electrical contractor.  Many other stakeholders agreed to support this goal and your success with their advertising dollars.  We ask that you return this support by giving them an opportunity to win your business.   Today, the association sends the MEA NEWS to 3,000 electrical contractors who are NOT members along with the 400 who are members. This is at a cost of $25,000 in postage and printing alone.  It is the leadership’s way of demonstrating its investment in you and your business.  

A VOICE in Minnesota government.  The association has a history of lobbying for you to assist in the passage of laws that make it easier for you to get paid faster; make indemnification clauses unenforceable if they require you to insure others for their mistakes; change or kill harmful laws before they are introduced.  Today this happens because of the work of MEA’s Government Action Committee, the surveys to the members asking for their guidance in making decisions, the staff in keeping us informed and the work of our lobbyist, Bill Strusinski. 
If you get this for FREE from an association led by electrical contractors that so strongly support you—WHY JOIN?

1. The rest of the news . . . Right now you only get the basics.  There is much more . . . including articles with free advice from some of the best labor attorneys in the state, employment information, business trends and more.

2. A voice in making Government Action decisions . . .  and briefings by our lobbyist and others so you more fully understand how best to comply with laws.

3. Help . . . meeting other contractors at MEA meetings results in
• Sales as contractors hire each other for specialized work, when they need extra help to complete a project or when they refer business to you that they are too busy to do.
• Peace of mind knowing you have a business friend to call (often from another part of the state) when you need help with a problem or are in a bind and need extra electricians.
• Friends who understand the pressures of owning a business—especially the same kind of business.
Very few associations invest this strongly in the success of nonmembers as well  as the members.  I personally ask you join the association led by electrical contractors that so strongly support you.  MEA’s been working for you for years.  Join today and get the rest of the benefits—it may be your best business decision.