MEA--Working for You

by Clara DeRosier
Executive Director

I want to thank everyone who responded to the survey that was sent out last month looking for feedback on our MEA publications. If you would still like to provide input, you can do so by going to We will be using this information to enhance the content that is delivered to you. 

There is a lot going on at MEA - as always!

●   The Building Code is being reviewed by the Construction Code Licensing Division and we are attending public Advisory Meetings on the industry’s behalf. If there is anything in particular that you would like us to watch for, please reach out. 

●   We are automating our systems as much as possible by working closely with our IT partners to simplify and streamline our backend processes. Creation of dashboards with reports and numbers at a glance so we can easily see if we are on track with MEA’s strategic goals is a priority. Allowing us to focus efforts on more projects that will help the Electrical Industry.

●   Numerous MEA staffers will be attending the Minnesota Apprenticeship Summit hosted by the MN DLI to learn and explore more about how we can help build the future of the industry.

●   MEA staff will be holding a retreat in mid-March conducted by a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. We will dive deeper into how our unique and intriguing strengths help us work better as a team to serve all of you.   

●  We are gearing up for a busy April with the MEA training being conducted at the NCEL EXPO as well as our Annual Business Meeting. MEA will be at booth #210 during the EXPO so please stop by and say hi or ask us if you have any questions!

●  Smith Schafer conducted MEA and ETN’s financial review. Results will be discussed at the Annual Business Meeting.  All MEA members are welcome to attend as guests.