Highlights from the Annual Business Conference

by Clara DeRosier, Executive Director

We had a successful Annual Business Conference the other week at the Millennium Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis. Committees met to discuss new initiatives, Martin Kappenman from Seaton, Peters, Revnew came to discuss all things related to Lien Rights, Lien Laws and Lien Waivers. We toured the US Bank Stadium, had a beautiful Awards dinner in the Marquis Ballroom overlooking downtown Minneapolis and rounded out the weekend with the Board of Directors Meeting.

Jeff Kunkel from Kunkel Electric, Mapleton MN, was nominated and elected as the new Secretary of the MEA Board of Directors. Jeff’s experience as an MEA trainer for almost a decade as well as his involvement on committees and most recently Chair of the Workforce Development Committee makes him the perfect candidate for the Executive Board track. The gavel was then passed from Jason Seanger, Melrose Electric – Melrose MN to Karen Maine, Karen’s Electric – Richmond MN. I appreciate all of the support from Jason over the past year and look forward to working with Karen throughout the rest of 2018.

I want to highlight and recognize all those who received awards at the MEA Annual Awards Ceremony.

Elisha Seanger – Spouse of MEA’s President; Vice-Chair of Workforce Development and amazing supporter of MEA’s goals.

Jason Seanger – President of MEA and courageous volunteer as we took a leading role at the Capitol.

Steve Hahn – Luma Sales, Chair of Product Service Committee and leader of branding and engagement packages for the future of the Product Service sector.

Kelly Matter – CEO of AVIVO and partner on new Workforce Development initiatives.

Mike Klein – Building Committee Chair who dedicated many summer days to maintenance at the MEA office.

Tony Enger & Harrison Electric – Past president and volunteer who is readily available to speak to the next generation’s workforce.

Jeff Anderson – Crescent Electric, key supporter of new MEA packages and sponsor opportunities.

Federated Insurance – longstanding partner to better the Electrical Industry and keep us all safe.

Kate Bischoff – tHRive Consulting, Chair of ETN of MN and MEA ally as we navigate through employment law.

Mike Miller – MEA’s newest trainer who has allowed us to raise the previous ceiling that was limiting our training abilities.

Jan Zinniel – Active, vocal, positive and smart business woman who we awarded with the Outstanding Committee Member Award.

Nick Bischoff – Dedicated and instrumental volunteer for brand new MEA projects who we awarded with the Outstanding New Committee Member Award.

25-Year Anniversary of MEA Membership:
• Helgeson Electric
• Valleyfair
• Donohue Electric
• Cobra Contractors Software
• Skalsky Electric
• Border States Electric Supply
• Graybar Minneapolis MN
• Werner Electric
• AJB Sales
• Dakota Supply Group
• J H Larson Group
• Viking Electric Supply
• Federated Insurance

Chad Kurdi – 15 years of exceptional training done through the MEA AND promotion to Senior Electrical Engineer and Partner at BKV Group.

Phyllis Vlaminck  – People’s Choice Award for always being extremely sweet, caring and thoughtful.

Tony Enger – Best dressed for his trademark Hawaiian Shirts and Holiday attire.

And lastly, we thanked each and every one of you. Whether you were able to attend or not, whether you are an MEA member or not, it is because of those who are reading this and who take the time to focus ON their business and the electrical industry that we are able to prosper.

Your support of the electrical industry is so very appreciated and “Thanks to YOU – our future is BRIGHT”

** Award recipients are nominated by YOU! Keep your eyes open throughout the year for those who go above & beyond, so we can recognize them in 2019!