Why a Strong Education Program is Important to MEA's Work at the Legislature

by Clara DeRosier, Executive Director

MEA’s strong commitment to professional development through excellent education programming tells legislators and regulators that our members are serious about doing a professional job for their customers and providing a professional work force for the future. Not only does MEA’s government action efforts create legislation to assist in electrical contractors running better businesses, but it also prevents unnecessary laws and regulations while helping electrical contractors know how to comply with new laws and regulations. Legislators may believe the industry needs to be more heavily regulated when hearing from voters who had less than a professional experience with someone working in the industry.

MEA offers multiple training events and workshops throughout the year to its members that will broaden your professional knowledge. MEA provides an enormous amount of access to resource information such as toolbox talks, on-staff consultant and workforce development guidance. MEA also provides you with an opportunity to stay informed about important issues like prevailing wage or diversity.

An investment in MEA membership will enhance your personal development and help you strategically build your business and career.

If you are not an MEA member, I urge you to join today. Your membership in MEA makes it easier to get results for you and your industry. The legislature is like a small town—word travels fast. Taking advantage of MEA’s many educational tools has built a reputation for MEA members that they are professional, practical and professional in their dealings.

National Electrical Safety Awareness Month!

In honor of Safety Month, we are offering a discount on our popular NFPA 70E Safety Training Class—Join MEA and book a 70E training class before July 1 to receive $100 off (in addition to your membership discount).

After taking this class you will recognize what you can and can’t work on and why; you will understand why it’s critical to follow company safety rules; and you will see what can happen if safety protocols are not followed. This can be taught at your shop or online. The more educated we are, the safer we can be. MEA has trained 1500 electricians already in 2019!