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USB Charging Port. Touch control dimmable, wireless charging, adjustable timing poweroff. Superior quality, Eye-caring energy saving LED lamp. Great for reading, studying, relaxation, bedtime. 5-level dimmer touch. (Aug 2019)
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  For All Your Fastener Needs!
ATEK is your distributor for Selecta products. The nuts and bolts for nearly any job are available through ATEK. High quality, excellent packaging and competitive pricing. (Aug 2019)
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ATEK is now your representative and supplier for APsystems products. Micro-inverters, trunk cables, end caps and more, for less shipping costs and lower pricing for all your solar needs. Be energy conscience – Go Green! (Aug 2019)
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US Luminaire’s architectural troffer features a flat diffuser down the center of the fixture, creating indirect light and reducing glare. It is ideal for replacing fluorescent troffers in offices, retail and educational locations. In stock for quick shipment. (Aug 2019)

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US Luminaire’s slim shoebox series is widely used on urban roads, industrial areas, and parking lots. Its rugged design and highly efficient lighting make it a great choice in all climates. In stock for quick shipment. (Aug 2019)

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USL-SQR2F Series in 8-32W, 2700K 
US Luminaire’s square light is ideal for retrofitting surface mount fixtures in a wide range of diameters. The light engine fits fixtures with diameters of anywhere from 6 to 16 inches with a depth as little as 2 inches. In stock for quick shipment. (Aug 2019)

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USL-CP1F. The innovative separable design of junction box and housing makes it more flexible, with 75-degree beam angle, the 4-, 6-, 8-, or 10-inch split commercial down light can fulfill a wide range of lighting needs. Easy-fit installation comes from adjustable spring-action housing clips. It is designed and engineered for recessed applications, which is suitable for commercial and public places and elegantly decorates the ambiance, such as shopping mall, hospital, airport, hotel lobby, etc. (July 2019)
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USL-SLED2V. This second-generation linear strip fixture is suitable for a wide range of applications such as storage and utility areas, cove lighting, display cases, and task or general lighting. It can be surface mounted, pendant mounted, or attached to t-bars in a grid ceiling. (July 2019)
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USL-SQR2F. This square light is ideal for retrofitting surface mount fixtures in a wide range of diameters. The light engine fits fixtures with diameters of anywhere from 6 to 16 inches with a depth of as little as 2 inches. This versatility helps reduce the amount of inventory needed. (July 2019)
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  Greenlee- Torque Screwdriver and Bit Set Cat #: 0153-46T
Maximized Accuracy. Ultimate Safety. Increased Protection. Ensures connections are tightened to the correct torque rating, eliminating the need for guesswork. Sufficiently tightens connections to comply with new 2017 NEC (110.14D). Helps prevent fires and other hazards caused by improperly torqued connections. Durable, compact case provides optimal tool protection. (July 2019)
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Affordability never looked this good. Innovative technology at an amazing price point. Protect the friendly skies. The IVELOT is a complete cutoff, fully shielded area light that minimizes glare while reducing light trespass, and is compliant with Dark Sky requirements. Any way you want it. With several mounting options, the IVELOT supports a variety of applications, making it easy to light an entire site with the same fixture aesthetics. Universal pole mount, slipfitter mount and wall mount models available. (July 2019)
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Affordability never looked this good. Innovative technology at an amazing price point. IVEPARK is available with an optional integrated motion sensor, photocell or Lightcloud Controller, which ensures the fixture is on when it's needed and dimmed or off when it's not. IVEPARK's uplight models minimize dark spots on the ceiling known as the "cave effect" and create an even light distribution throughout the space. (July 2019)
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  Engineered Products Company Unveils LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor as Simple Solution for Small Space Lighting Upgrades
EPCO’s new LED Luminaire is perfect for indoor spaces that require a compact yet powerful lighting solution. The Small Space LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor quickly and easily transforms dimly lit confined spaces into bright, well-lit locations with sustainable, energy efficient lighting. Perfect for new or retrofit applications, the Small Space LED Luminaire is cost effective, eliminates batteries and saves money. It comes with a 13-Watt LED Luminaire and snap-on frosted acrylic diffuser. (Jan 2019)
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  Ziegler Power Systems offers a variety of renewable energy and microgrid solutions to help deliver reliable, cost-effective, & efficient energy.
Our Renewable Products: - Cat® thin-film and monocrystalline solar panels
- Lithium ion Battery Energy storage products that store energy generated by solar panels and other renewable energy sources.
- Microgrid controllers that integrate generation from renewable energy sources with energy from conventional generators.
(Jan 2019)

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