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     The Soft Side of Scheduling...
Improving Communications between GCs and Subs

Mark Ramsey, American Subcontractors Association (ASA)

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    Mechanic Liens Overview...
Pre-lien Notices, Timelines to File, Deadlines to Foreclose)

Thomas Revnew, Attorney, PRK&A Law

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    Minneapolis Sick Leave Provisions...
The New Ordinance and Potential New Laws

Kate Bischoff, Attorney, tHRive Law & Consulting

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    Opioids in the Workplace... Safe Use, Storage, Disposal;
Signs, Symptoms; Tools & Resources

Minnesota Department of Health

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    Project Management... 5 Key Project Indicators; Change Orders;
Allocate Resources Wisely; Anticipate Problems; Communicate

Jim Crabbe, Customer Relations Manager, Cobra Software

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    Top 5 Items for Contractors to Audit in 2019... A High-Level Discussion of the
Important Steps Contractors should Consider Taking to Protect Their Business

Tom Revnew, Attorney, PRK&A

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    Energy Efficiency Incentives... How Rebates are Calculated; Products; Changes in 2019
and 2020 and Beyond; State & Federal Policy Implications

Jamie Fitzke, Program & Policy Manager, CEE

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    Tax Reform... The New Tax Reform Law is the Most Significant Tax Legislation in
Decades. Digest the details and Evaluate the Changes

Kyle Spicer, Smith Schafer & Associate CPAs

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    AWAIR - Safety Manual... A 30-Minute Presentation on How to Use Your
AWAIR Manual to Ensure Compliance.

Andy Smoka

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    Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)… How to Help Finance
Energy Efficiency or Renewable Energy Projects.

Peter Lindstrom, Clean Energy Resource Team

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    Energy Code Training... Covers MN 2015 Energy Code and ASRAE 90.1
John O'Neil, Lighting Control Specialist, Pulse Products

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    Employment Law for Supervisors... Learn How to Properly Administer 
Rules and Regulations to Your Employees

Phyllis Karasov, Attorney, Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd.

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    Union Jobsite Actions: Picketing, Strikes, Banners and Leafleting.
Identify Your Rights and What to Do

Phyllis Karasov, Attorney, Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd.

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